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Equilibrium is a fiber art piece created using the macrame technique. Inspired by the fluid motion of water, this piece explores the balance between emptiness and solidity.

This piece is created with Egyptian cotton rope, one of the worlds finest and most durable cotton.
Egyptian cotton is grown under optimal conditions and harvested by hand. This process of handpicking puts less stress on the fibres, leaving them straight and intact. These fibres can be made into longer, finer yarns and this makes it possible to create stronger and softer rope than you can with regular cotton.

  • Width: 105 cm (41″)
  • Height: 122 cm (48″)
  • Dowel: 115 cm (45″)
  • Egyptian cotton rope
  • Wooden dowel

This piece arrives fully assembled and ready to be installed. All necessary mounting hardware and instructions are included for easy installation.

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