Tamar Samplonius | KNITKNOT - 3D contemporary fiber artwork DNA.

Tamar Samplonius (2001) is a fiber artist based in the Netherlands. With a passion for working with her hands, she specializes in creating large-scale, hand knotted art pieces. Guided by a sensitivity to chemicals, she prioritizes the use of natural materials whenever feasible.
Tamar’s meticulous nature as a perfectionist brings both advantages and challenges to her work;

Perfectionism in art can drive artists to produce exceptional work, pushing boundaries and achieving mastery. However, it also has the potential to impose burdensome expectations, hindering creativity and causing dissatisfaction. Tamar, aware of these dynamics, strives to strike a delicate balance. She uses her perfectionistic tendencies to push herself in creating artwork with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. However, she acknowledges the importance of balancing the pursuit of excellence with embracing imperfections—an ongoing process that Tamar actively embraces.

Tamar’s work has garnered international recognition, as her creations find homes in residential and commercial spaces across the world. She finds immense joy in collaborating with clients, transforming their ideas into tangible works of art. By understanding the visions and desires of her clients, Tamar creates pieces that not only enhance spaces but also reflect the individuality of its owners.

Driven by a genuine love for her craft and attention to detail, Tamar Samplonius continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, captivating audiences with her unique creations. Each new project allows her to use her imagination and create truly special pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.